Today is my Birthday but Am I Close to Death?


took from NowWhyTwo Moscow,


Many of my friends including me, celebrated our birthday in this month ( May 11th is my birth date ), Alhamdulillah i’m still alive. This morning i received a message from IMAM RSC MOSCOW due to inform the new post in its blog, NowWhyTwo Moscow, it is “Selamat Hari Lahir” ( in English : Happy Birthday ).

I read it, you must be wondered, probably the post wrote about something cheerful and merrily about celebrating the birthday.Yes! It is TRUE, but the most important messages are located on 6 paragraphs before the end, and it’s about : “Have you thought that, ‘when you are celebrating your birthday, you thought that your age is increasing, BUT in another way, your life span will be shorter’ ?”.

Plus, today’s night, my brothers remind me and elaborate the post, encouraging me to prepare as much as I could before I DIE! ( it sounds extreme, isn’t it? YES it is! )


took from NowWhyTwo Moscow.


The hadith, riwayah At-Tabarani :

Narrated by Ibn Umar radiallahu a’nhu : One day, i came to meet Rasulullah sallahu a’laihi wa salam, and he was sitting among his Sahabah ( companions ).Suddenly, one of his Sahabah stood up and asked Rasulullah sallahu a’laihi wa salam : ” O Apostle of Allah! Who is the most clever and the most intelligent person among the human being?”, Rasulullah salallahu a’laihi wa salam answered : “The most clever and the most intelligent person is the one who always thinking about the death. In fact, he called as such a person because, he grabbed his HONOUR in this WORLD and the HIGHEST ‘DARJAT‘ ( means : level ) in the ‘AKHIRAT’ ( means : the here after ) !”.


Well,to describe more such kind of person,let’s look through the history of Sahabah radiallahu a’nhum ‘s ( Rasulullah salallahu a’laihi wa salam ‘s companions ) life for example, then think : How Islam spreaded very quickly after Rasulullah salallahu a’laihi wa salam dead. The only based on the teaching of Al-Quran and the way of life of the Prophet salallahu a’lahi wa salam ( As-Sunnah ), reality and the purposes of life on the earth and the akhirat are CLEAR and UNDERSTOOD very well, thus could build ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION in short time and stand for a very long time period.



Compare the Islamic Empire of Khulafa Ar-Rashidin / Rashidun Caliphate ( the Caliphs were Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and A’li radiallahu a’nhum ) with the Roman Empire.The Islamic Empire of Khalifa Ar-Rashidin built in 29 years which conquered quite large area, then the civilization continued by Umayyad Destiny, Abbasid Destiny and so on then collapsed more than 600 years, while the Roman Empire built more 1000 years then collapsed about 2-3 years ( in the time of the Byzantine Empire by collapsing 2 of 3 its capital cities : Jurusalem in Palestine and Alexendria in Egypt ).

” See!,  what are we now as a Muslim? And how Islam now? Are we really following the path guided by Allah subhanahu wa taa’la (Quran) and  Rasulullah salallahu a’laihi wa salam (Sunnah)? Ask yourself ( including me )! “

Back to the topic about death, it reminds me that, insya Allah i will be a doctor and insya Allah, one day i will investigate : “how a patient died?”,”what diseases caused the death to the patient”, and so on so forth.As a doctor, ‘to diagnose reasons to cause death’ are important in the present and future benefits. Have you thought about : “THE REASONS FOR OUR LIVING IN THIS WORLD ?” Other word : “WHAT ARE OUR PURPOSES OF LIFE?”.What is your answer?

( NOTE : if you are a Muslim, your answer suppose to base on the way you are living, i.e Islam ).


4 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday but Am I Close to Death?

  1. Salam…suka post nih…remind me of all birthdays that we’ve celebrated…n mine also!! heheh

  2. Salam,
    The most direct statement Allah has made concerning His purpose in creating a race of human beings, through Adam A.S , was that He wanted us to act as His Khalifah on earth. ” Behold, your Lord said to the angels: ” I wil create a vicegerant on earth.” They said: ” Will you place therein one who will make mischief and shed blood? While we do celebrate Your praises and glorify Your Holy ( name )?”. He said: ” I know what you know not.”. Al-Baqara Ayat 30.

    This is the very specific, most well-defined purpose for the creation of man ( human beings ).

    As for the death, we are actually facing death every night during our sleep. It is mentioned in the Quraan, sleep is the crossroad between life and death ( if your time is up ). Some sufis count life and death every second. What i mean is that, if they forget Allah, their hearts are ” Dead “. They are very scared about this.

    I pray for you to become a good doctor. But i hope not just a physical doctor who understand about human bodies ( Jasmani ) but also as a muslim, i hope you will blend the understanding of the spiritual part of it ( Rohani ). ” Breathing ” life is not just about breathing oxygen. It is the proof of the existence of Al-Hayyun that ” gives ” Hayat.

    Happy Birthday !!

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