The Rights of Muslims to Other Muslims.

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Salamun A’laikum to those have ‘faith’ ( i.e Mukmin ) – QS 06 : 54

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

I tried to recall, what actually the rights of Muslims to other Muslims? I heard about it from a brother when i was in vacation in Berlin, Germany last January. I do practice it whole heartedly from a long time ago, because it was from al-Hadith, sahih Muslim ( also included in Riyadush Solihin by al-Imam al-Nawawi rahimahullahu taa’la. ), but in theory, I forgot 2 or 3 points, it doesn’t matter but, so far, practically, I  did most of them.  Alhamdulillah, my brother here did remind me all 6 Muslim‘s rights which you should do all of them if you are consciously, very well, without any doubt and confidently know you are a MUSLIM !

1. When you meet other Muslims,  greet them with salaam ( i.e “Assalamua’laikum” basically or more ).

2. If you haven’t heard any news or  met your brothers/sisters ( i.e in Islam by means Muslims ) for a quite long time,  visit them or try to know any news about them in order to show your concern.

3. When your brother/sister sneezes and he/she says “Alhamdulillah“,  pray for him/her ( i.e say “Ya harmukallah/ Ya harmukillah ” ).

4. When your brother/sister invites you to go to his/her ceremony, gathering, assembly and etc. ; accept and attend it.

5. When your brother/sister is sick; visit him/her.

6. When your brother/sister pass away, go and visit his/her burial ceremony ( i.e in order to show your concern and express sympathy to his/her family ).

I would like to remind you as well as to myself that, Mukmins are in a single Brotherhood [ QS 49:10 ]. You can not be a Mukmin if you are not a Muslim. Being a Muslim, struggling to achieve a level as a Mukmin is MUST ! and in order to be a true Muslim !

If you notice from the beginning of this article, you found that I gave you some points which I learned one of the smallest part of teaching of the prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihi wa salam about the al-Deen ( the way of life i.e Islam – ‘Submission to one God, Peace‘ ).

What a wonderful teaching! Even ‘how to communicate properly between Muslims’, the prophet didn’t bother to teach us. I would like to mention you that, this is only the small part of teaching about the social life by Muhammad sallahu a’laihi wa salam. But there are many – many others including  marriage, law, military, and so on – so forth in the Holy Quran al-Karim and by prophet Muhammad salallahu a’laihi wa salam ‘s teaching, as known as as-Sunnah.


Allahu Ta’ala A’lam.

Allah subhanahu wa taa’la knows best.



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