Step by Step How to Take Human LOVE ❤

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Salamun A’laikum to those have ‘faith’ ( i.e mukmin ) – QS 06:54

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

How to take human love ?

Step 1 : Love Allah subhanahu wa taa’la and His Messenger salallahu a’laihi wa salam.

Step 2 : Love yourself.

Step 3 : Love others.

1. Apostle of Allah salallahu a’laihi wa salam said : “The three things that anyone has, he would get his HALAWATUL IMAN/sweetness of faith, (that is) Allah and His Messenger are more beloved than others, and he loves someone only for the sake of Allah, and he hates to revert to disbelief (sins) as he hates thrown into the fire. ” [ Riwayah al-Bukhari, Muslim and others. ]

2. Harmonious and peaceful relation among human beings begin with love. In order to understand what love is, oneself should develop it within him/her self.

3. Love always related to the person being loved, but love is very important towards  evil doers either. Why? Because, with love, we tend to sympathy and try to help them  besides to despise and to judge them as sinners for ever.

4. How should we ‘help’ them (i.e evil doers, sinners)? By preventing them from deeply sinking into their sin.

5. How to love others? There are many ways :

  • Deliver salaam (instead it is a prayer for peace to others, it also a starter to connect oneself to another).
  • Always smile.
  • Concerned.
  • etc.

[ read here for additional ]


Allahu Taa’la A’lam.

Allah subhanahu wa taa’la knows best.



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