1000 Steps 1000 Emotions.



Salamun A’laikum to those with ‘faith’ (i.e mukminin) – QS 06:54

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Hi everyone!

1. Let’s ponder~ (=_=) :

Earth rotates on its axis, from east to west, outstanding in its orbit, orbit the sun. Day and night follow each other. Any second is always ticking up to the minute, and then to the hour. A complete 24 hours, a day fulfilled. From day to day, is the first full week of which consists of 7 days. Then a few weeks, is a full moon ( complete 1 month ). Collected 12 months to 1 year. These are the TIME that the God has ordained.

Every time, a baby is born on this earth. The baby begin to grow with time. He grows and grows. Increasing age. Life is still running. However, one certainty is often forgotten, namely, DEATH. That’s a start, the actual starting point of life and eternity, where people neglect and forget to remember, if they knew it, but do not take lessons from itLife after death, is the KEY to the real destination of each individual life.

2. 🙂 So, Let’s keep our minds, we go through life, while this is only for the purpose of returning to God.

3. Therefore, many trials, effort, happiness, sadness, obstacles and many more, are always encountered during the course of our life on earth. 😉

4. let’s watch this video. This is very2 good, especially for those who are not clear to which of the goal of life 🙂 :

[Original video from MrKimkatkeblack (YouTuber) : Click here]


Allahu Taa’la A’lam.

Allah subhanahu wa taa’la knows best.



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