after a long pause…


It is such a long time i have not written in a blog. The last time i wrote was when i was a student. I remember when I was in the UK, I used to have a proper blog with  quite a great number of followers. Blog named, halawatul iman-pretty victorious though!

After i came back to malaysia for good, I felt like time is getting shorter, like less 24 hours in a day? Life is so packed and hectic. (oh, I used to live in winter where daytime is shorter, but I had plenty of time writing and writing, dear dear!) Slowly, the excitement to write in a blog getting faded.
When I was working as a houseman, nah ! i completely forgot about it.

When my husband offered me to restart blogging, I was mesmerized, and felt like, “wow , can i still write?”  But I realized writing is not just a hobby , but it is a powerful medium to spread knowledge, create awareness  and educate people beyond our reach. In other magical word, it is a DAKWAH .  Mashaallah, the word is dearly missed. It used to be a very strong word when I was a student.  Oh correction, it is not a word, it is a verb. Yes, it is a word that must be transformed into an action.

Alhamdulillah, since my husband and I survived our-hard-knock-life housemanship, we are expecting a better life (in term of workload, stress and quality time). Inshaallah hopefully, there would be better chance for us to write. Erm, not only to write, but to get back active in jemaah, dakwah and tarbiyah, inshaallah.

Writing is not merely “telling and explaining a particular subject to your readers” , but you must “tell and explain to yourself FIRST ” before composing it into a reading material.

So, since now i have got a partner in crime, why don’t I start now?



ummul fateh

9 Feb 2016.


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